Japanese Delivery

Sushi is a famous style of Japanese cooking that has globally expanded throughout different parts of the world. Originated in Japan, sushi has become a popular fish dish prepared in a variety of ways. Ranging from cooked eel to raw fish, these favored dishes are strikingly satisfying.

At DJ Sushi & Ramen, we strive to bring out these authentic flavors with a more customized touch. The quality of our Japanese food is freshly infused with bursting seasonings, spices, and sauces to give you a genuine Japanese experience. When you visit our Japanese restaurant, you will be able to experience the culture and taste of Japanese traditions. If you are too busy to join us, call and order our Japanese delivery.

Call our sushi bar, DJ Sushi & Ramen in San Francisco, CA, to hear what options we have. We even have homemade rib bone broth with black garlic oil for ramen, along with tasty teriyaki food.